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Cell Growth Analyzer

Important note about the time format. SECONDS are not reported with this analysis tool. Rather, the base time is minutes. The day and time are input with the day in the left column, and hours and minutes (hh:mm) in the right column. Time is output in one cell as days:hours:minutes (dd:hh:mm).Please do not confuse this with the more standard representation of hh:mm:ss. Note that 02:20:35 would be 10:35 PM of the 2nd day, not 2:10 AM. As mentioned above, seconds are never reported.

Please note that all times use a 24 hour clock. There are no options for AM/PM distinctions. Rather, 0:00 - 11:59 signify midnight to 11:59 AM, 12:00-23:59 signify noon to 11:59 PM.